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A seiyuu criticizes fans who want to marry her

A few months ago we shared an article pointing out that In Japan there is an idea that the only way to court a seiyuu is to also be a member of the industry., that is, only a voice actor can make a voice actress fall in love. However, not everyone seems to agree with this way of thinking, and a user decided to investigate the issue to find out if he really has no chance with his favorite voice actress.

Thus, the Twitter user “ごろう(@rice7803sibafu)” shared an interesting update asking what the conditions would be for a man to woo and marry a voice actress in Japan. Her post, straight to the point, wrote:

  • How can I marry a voice actress? For about ten years there has been a lot of discussion about how to marry a voice actress, and many in the industry have said that the fastest way is to “become someone in the industry”. So what are the requirements today?

The user was hoping to start a discussion with other fans of the voice acting industry like him, but probably didn’t expect that he would receive a response directly from Lynna seiyuu recognized for roles such as Sakura Yamauchi in Kimi no Suizou wo TabetaiMafuyu Kirisu in Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga DekinaiAyano Yuugiri in Engage Kissamong others.

However, her response may not have been what the user expected, as the voice actress wrote: “And why do you want to marry a voice actress? Just for the fact that she’s a voice actress? (laughs)». It was an answer that immediately shut all the mouths that were debating at the time, since he is very right. Are fans being “materialistic” for wanting their wife to be a voice actress? The debate did not stop there, since others pointed out that is the same as “a woman who wants to marry a rich man“.

Of course, the post made its way to the comment forums, where opinions like:

  • «Uff, that answer was a beating with only one adequate argument».
  • «Oh no, otakus are going to cry».
  • «I love that kind of punching on social networks, they almost took his guts out».
  • «The perfect answer to the dumbest question».
  • «Honestly, it seems to me that these fans do not understand the weight of marriage, and for them it is only “get married and that’s it”».
  • «If your favorite seiyuu answered you something like that, you would really cry, otaku».
  • «what a beautiful answer».
  • «The question was already rude in itself. Lynn’s response was perfect. Does just because they’re voice actresses mean you can all fall in love with them the same way? The otaku show more and more that they have never spoken to a woman».

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