Artists in the Philippines report losing jobs due to the current political situation

In the Philippines a political situation seems to be taking place that has been transferred as a negative image towards the country’s artists and illustrators. turns out Bongbong Marcosalso know as Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and son of the dictator Ferdinand Marcosis considered as the “virtual winner” of the presidential elections held on May 9, with a total of 58.74 percent of the votes with more than 98 percent of the tally sheets counted.

The “return of a dictator’s family to power in the Philippines” has attracted international criticism, especially with accusations that there has been alleged electoral fraud. Consequently, many Filipino artists have reported on their social networks that foreign clients are paying commissions to them, since “believe the Philippines supports the return of a dictator“, such as “Bianca (@BiancaLattei)he wrote in a now-deleted post:

«International clients are turning away from artists from the Philippines. Many are affected, this is quite heartbreaking to know that some of you prefer to stop helping and supporting artists in the midst of difficulties. Our future is uncertain, so many are preparing for the worst.“, wrote. “Ellie (@meropyonsan)” he added: “Raise awareness that many artists, including myself, are suffering the withdrawal of clients from their commissions due to the political situation in the Philippines. Please retweet and make people aware of what is at risk in the art community right now.».

In the captures that the second user shared, you can read comments from clients who canceled commissions or contracts:

  • «I’m so sorry, I don’t think I can. I think your art is awesome but my friends tell me to stay away for now».
  • «I’m sorry, but I’ll have to withdraw from this assignment. It’s too big a risk for me. I hope you understand and stay safe out there. I’ll have to cancel this commission. I don’t want to have any business with anyone from the Philippines right now».
  • «I’ve heard about those elections, I think I’m going to have to cancel the order. I can’t support fascism in conscience, I thought you were better than that, but I can’t force you to be different».
  • «The total value of my commissions was $250, but they are aware of Marcos’ leadership and automatically assumed I was a supporter. I tried to explain it but they literally lost trust in me».
  • «Good afternoon, I would like to cancel the art I have ordered. You can keep the advance, but I don’t want the end result, done or not. I don’t want to know anything about you or the Philippines. I’m giving you a $5 tip as compensation, but I hope you understand where I’m coming from. You have a good day».

Source: @meropyonsan on Twitter via VoceSabiaAnime

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