Date A Live IV: An unfinished version of the third episode was distributed in China

the fan page Date A Live Fan Club posted an update in mid-April revealing that the third episode of the anime’s fourth season Give A Live was broadcast in a low quality and unfinished version through the Chinese streaming platform, bilibili. The post wrote:

  • Immediately after the release of episode 3, there were many controversial opinions about the quality of the art for this episode, and the opinions expressed were so divided that people wondered if they had seen the same episode or not. Well, here’s the truth: THERE ARE ACTUALLY TWO VERSIONS OF EPISODE 3 RUNNING!
  • The official raw version aired on Japan TV, and the version aired on China’s Bilibili platform. Below is a comparison between these two versions, the Bilibili version on the left and the official version on the right.
  • Why are there two versions? First of all, this third episode was not made by GEEK TOYS studios themselves, but they subcontracted to another studio to do it. It must be made clear that outsourcing when making anime is something natural that all studios have been doing, even famous series, still have some episodes of outsourcing. And it’s not that the quality of the outsourced episodes is going to be worse, you probably know that the third season episodes that ENGI was contracted for have better quality than JCSTAFF themselves. In this fourth season, the opening sequence part also has many studios contributing to the creation, usually CloverWorks and Trigger.
  • Going back to the explanation, the third episode was assigned to a studio called Jumondo Seoul, which according to the administrator’s research, this studio is relatively new. Based on the difference of the credits, it seems that this studio has limited resources and although the work they do is also commendable, GEEK TOYS decided to edit and perfect it, when the credits of the official version registered much more staff. The official version was finished, but the problem was in the revision phase of Bilibili. The process is quite long, and it seems that in order to meet the schedule, the raw version has to be sent to Bilibili instead of the final version. From there came a rougher version of the third episode on this platform.

Synopsis for Date A Live

Thirty years ago, a strange phenomenon called the Spacequake devastated central Eurasia, taking with it the lives of more than 150 million people. Since then, smaller spacequakes have been manifesting around the world. Shidou Itsuka, a seemingly normal high school student meets a girl at the epicenter of a spacequake.

He is informed by his sister Kotori that this girl is one of the spirits that, by making an appearance in the world, are the cause of said space earthquakes. He also learns that his sister is the captain of the Ratatoskr ship. She recruits him in order to make use of her mysterious ability to seal the powers of spirits. In order to prevent them from becoming a threat to humanity. However, there is a drawback. To seal the powers of a Spirit, Shidou must make the Spirit fall in love with him.

Source: Date A Live Fan Club in Facebook via VoiceWiseAnime

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