Maid Kyouiku Adult Manga Gets Live-Action Anime and Movie

The author of adult manga “Kyōkucho (きょくちょ)“, who wrote the doujinshi that inspired the popular adult anime Kaede to Suzurevealed on Twitter a project for his doujinshi Maid Kyouiku: Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki (Maid Education) have a live-action adaptation starring actress Nagisa Misuki (渚みつき) like the character Kizoku Rurikawa.

The fundraising campaign is being carried out through the platform LaPorno Fund for a few weeks, and has a deadline scheduled for June 25 in Japan. As of the writing of this article, he has earned 1.93 million yen (more than 14.3 thousand US dollars), which is equivalent to 64% of the target amount. It is unlikely to reach the figure in the few days that remain, but according to the author, production is already underway.

«Please help us with the rest of the production of “Maid Kyouiku: Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki”…! Maid Rurikawa is absolutely adorable in a maid outfit worn by Mitsuki Nagisa. The Remaining support will help raise the quality even higher, so please help us. We have also decided to make an anime, so please have mercy on us~!», wrote the publication that in turn confirms the production of an animated adaptation. Regarding the second, no details have been revealed in this regard.

Finally, the synopsis of this doujinshi, available at nh*ntai (358395)write:

  • «The prestigious aristocratic ‘Rurikawa’ family has fallen… Tsubaki, the daughter of the Rurikawa family, is taken in by the powerful noble Lord Poiman and given a new chance. But as her personal maid! Tsubaki acts firmly not to lose her aristocratic pride, even in a situation where she is not allowed to disobey, but she is forced to face her master’s perversion. Does the maid’s new education begin? ? However, her master’s perverted “maid education” plays with her and sullies her body and soul, mercilessly subjecting her to unwanted climaxes. To become a full-fledged “maiden”, the “fallen aristocrat Tsubaki Rurikawa” will fall to any extent…!

Font: Official Twitter Account via EroEroNews

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