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Taiwanese delivery man dresses up as Denji from Chainsaw Man and goes viral

In the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the funny story of a delivery man who delivers food disguised as Denji, the protagonist of the Japanese anime and manga, became popular. Chainsaw Man.

It all started on the night of October 31, when the Halloween celebrations were taking place in the aforementioned city. To tune in to the festivities, the young delivery man decided to wear the characteristic demon hunter uniform from the series and also attached a cardboard chainsaw to his helmet to give life to the well-known character.

Chainsaw Man

Of course, there was no shortage of those who witnessed the presence of this pleasant delivery man, so the photos did not take long to be uploaded to the networks to go viral over the hours to the point of reaching the news of the most important television stations in the country. Asian. Thanks to his popularity in his networks, several media outlets contacted him to interview him.

The delivery man’s name is Chen and he is 30 years old. During the mornings he works at a construction site. When the night comes, he usually wears the popular cosplay and delivers food at home. In addition to dressing as Denji, he has 6 other costumes of other characters that he didn’t mention and he usually rotates them throughout the week. Chen mentioned that all of the costumes he wears were handmade, managing to create a spectacular light-up helmet with a cardboard chainsaw that moves like a real one.

Regarding safety issues when using said helmet to circulate, Chen admitted that his helmet does not meet the standards that the police require of motorcycle riders since the regulation says that helmets cannot have pronounced bulges. The young delivery man mentions that he tries to go at a reduced speed and measures his distance with other vehicles.

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