The alleged Japanese-produced adult parody of The Squid Game


The South Korean TV series, The Squid Game, is definitely on everyone’s lips since its premiere in Netflix on September 17. So it’s no surprise that an alleged porn parody produced in Japan easily went viral on social media. This production is titled “Squirt Game“, As part of a pun on the English title,”Squid Game“And to”squirt“, Which is not the grapefruit soda, but a way of referring to the female orgasm. The visual assumption is being disseminated on social networks and is the following:

But how real is it? Perhaps to the bad surprise of many who are coming out the “September without Fap“, The image is nothing more than a photomontage (in fact the image is distributed cropped since one of the girls makes the montage very evident by the saturation of her crop). While it is true that the adult film industry in Japan is quick to produce its parodies of what is hot at the moment, this is not the case. A Reddit user managed to identify each and every one of the girls that were used for this photomontage.

The girls include (and are marked with numbers) a [1] Remu suzumori (ABP-912), [2] Noa mizuki (ABP-346), [3] Ai yuzuki (ABP-269), [4] Maria Aine (ABP-583), [5] Mion Sonoda (ABP-495), [6] Umi Yatsugake (ABW-085) already [7] Airi suzumura (ABP-210). The girls were cut from some of the covers of the aforementioned adult productions, where they appear wearing school uniforms, and in some cases the color tone was simply modified to match that shown in the popular series. While it may be disappointing to some that the JAV (Japanese Adult Video) is not real, the most observers have already noticed that instead of just one, they found seven!

Synopsis of The Squid Game

The Squid Game is a street game that Gi-hun and Sang-woo played together when they were young. The game is quite physical and only ends when a final winner is reached. The game is so named since players must draw different geometric shapes (circle, square or triangle) on the ground, which, taken together, appear to form a squid. If an attacker manages to pass through the defender and enter the squid’s head, the squid is proclaimed the winner of the game. The series tells the story of a group of people who decide to become players in a mysterious survival game that is awarded a whopping 45 billion won.

Source: Reddit

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