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The Japanese celebrate Underwear Day

November continues to be a month dedicated to a wide variety of concepts and body parts in Japan, with artists and netizens (especially from Twitter) sharing themed illustrations as part of each of these celebrations. November 17, then, corresponds to “Ii Inner no Hi (Underwear Day)which literally translates as “Good Interiors Day“.

Interiors? Are we talking about interior decoration of houses? Of course not! Obviously when talking about “interiors” the date considers “underwear”, especially women’s. Some others consider it also the “lingerie day“, although this is more of a type of underwear, which would leave out the rest. Either one or the other, fans shared a variety of illustrations to celebrate the occasion, accompanied by the commemorative hashtag. #いいインナーの日.

It’s worth noting that the concept of “underwear” includes anything worn under the main outfit, so it’s not just limited to panties and bras.

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