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“777 TOWN mobile”, “P Hokuto no Ken 9 Fighting God” app actual battle ball out battle will be delivered live from 21:00 today

777TOWN mobile 777TOWN mobile
Distributor Sammy Networks Delivery date 2022/02/28

Reno and Shizuka Nanase will be broadcast live on the “P Hokuto no Ken 9 Fighting God” app!
Ball-out event held at

“” (Three Seven, a pachinko / pachislot online game for PCs operated by Sammy Networks Co., Ltd., will be released on February 27, 2022 (Sun) with “P Hokuto no Ken 9 Fighting God”. We are holding a ball event “Shinken BATTLE”.

To commemorate this, we will deliver a live broadcast featuring Mr. Reno and Mr. Shizuka Nanase of JANBARI.TV from 21:00 on February 28, 2022 (Monday).

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JANBARI.TV’s Reno and Shizuka Nanase will challenge the ball-out ranking event “Shinken BATTLE” to play the “P Hokuto no Ken 9 Fighting God” app from “BATTLE MODE”! A gift for the viewers will be given by the two players! ?? Let’s all participate in the event together!

■ Program name:
“P Hokuto no Ken 9 Fighting God” App Actual Battle Ball Battle!

■ Date and time:
February 28, 2022 (Monday) 21: 00- * About 2 hours

■ Delivery page:

■ Cast:
・ Reno

・ Shizuka Nanase

[Overview of (service for PC)]

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・ Service name: (Three Seven Town Dot Net)
・ Service usage fee / Format: Monthly / All-you-can-play
* Pachislot course monthly fee 1,980 yen Pachislot course monthly fee 1,100 yen
Pachinko course monthly fee 1,100 yen (all tax included)
・ Distribution platform: PC
·Official site:

・ SNS:

You can hit it on your computer! A huge online hall where 4 million people play! All-you-can-play for 24 hours with over 400 models from 40 manufacturers! !!
From the latest models to the famous ones of yesteryear, you will surely find your “want to hit!”
Faithfully reproduce the actual machine, not only the behavior of LCDs & characters, reels and balls, but also the songs used and SE!
Full of functions unique to online games, such as functions that allow you to play at the highest settings, avatars of characters that appear in pachinko and pachislot, and weekly events!

■ Event “Shinken BATTLE”

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▽ Date and time:

February 27, 2022 (Sun) 16:00 to March 3, 16:00

▽ Target area / Model:

Special store area / Special store No. 8 / P Fist of the North Star 9 Fighting God

▽ Contents

Start from “BATTLE MODE” and play for 60 minutes! Ranking by the maximum number of balls in one game!
We will give a luxurious in-game item to those who are ranked in the top 100.

* Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.

“777 TOWN mobile” download page

“777 TOWN mobile” download page

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