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“Cat and soup” and “aquarium facility” where you can appreciate the fish you caught will be implemented.Let’s enjoy the relaxing time

Cat and soup Cat and soup
Distributor Hidea Delivery date 2021/12/13

[NEOWIZ Press Release]Mobile game “Cats and Soup” New landmark “Aquarium” has been added!

NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. has provided a service, and for the healing-type neglected game “Cats and Soup” developed by its subsidiary Hidea, a new landmark “Aquarium Facility” has been implemented as additional content in the game.

Healing-type neglected game “Nekoto Soup”
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● Additional content “Aquarium facilities”

The new landmark “Aquarium Facility” is an extension of the “Fishing System” already implemented in “Cats and Soup”.

It is a content that you can directly store and appreciate the fish, and you can collect various fish species and appreciate the fish as your own aquarium.

Seeing the cats watching the fish swimming in the aquarium as if they ate them gives us a relaxing time.

“Cats and Soup” download page

“Cats and Soup” download page

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