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China censored thirteen Fate / Grand Order characters within its server

In mid-August it was reported that the Chinese government had made the decision to impose greater regulations on video games that “they will try to distort history“. What is the first video game that comes to mind when we talk about historical figures? If your answer was Fate / Grand Order You are definitely correct, as it is one of the first titles affected by these new regulations, although only in China at the moment.

The situation was reported by the Twitter account @ Merem110, who published an illustration showing the changes to the character cards targeted by the Chinese government, and wrote: «FGO Chinese version update. The “True Name Block” of thirteen Servants inspired by Chinese history is implemented. All character names, materials, and voices have been removed. The name now only appears as “Class + Number” (for example, Berserker 049), consequently». The characters in question include:

  • Jingke → Assassin-042 / Lu Bu → Berserker-049 / Wu zetian → Assassin-170 / Nezha → Lancer-193 / Xiang Yu → Berserker-226 / Qin Liangyu → Lancer-228 / Shi Huang Di → Ruler-229 / Yu Mei-Ren (Assassin) → Assassin-230 / Red Hare → Rider-231 / Sima Yi (Reines) → Rider-241 / Yang guifei → Foreigner-274 / Yu Mei-Ren (Lancer) → Lancer-288.
Fate / Grand Order

General Synopsis of Fate / Grand Order

The main story of “Part 1” of the video game, which later received the title “Observer on Timeless Temple”, consists of seven chapters and seven stages of human history. It is part of a branching world resulting from a divided timeline prior to the “Clock Tower 2015” story due to the actions of Lev Lainur Flauros. If he ends his life like in the original “Clock Tower 2015”, the world continues normally, but Fate / Grand Order turns out that he does not commit suicide. The story chronicles the efforts of the Chaldea Security Organization to restore the Common Sense of Man through the extirpation of the Holy Grails that sustain the chronological singularities that interrupt the continuity of human history and contribute to the Incineration of Human Order Incident. This is known as the Grand Order, “the greatest of the Holy Grail Wars.”

Source: ANN


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