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“Dragon Poker” Reprint Challenge Dungeon “Awakening Dragon Burst” Held

Dragon poker Dragon poker
Distributor Asobism Delivery date 2021/12/13

The roar of the awakened dragon roars!
Reprint Challenge Dungeon “Awakening Dragon Burst”
“Dragon Poker” will be held from December 13th (Monday)!

Asobism Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomoyuki Ote) is reprinting from December 13, 2021 (Monday) in the real-time combined card battle “Dragon Poker” currently being distributed on the AppStore and Google Play. We will hold a challenge dungeon “Awakening Dragon Burst”.

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The challenge dungeon “Awakening Dragon Burst” will be reprinted from December 13th (Monday). In this dungeon, “Steel Flame Dragon Ataxia”, “Ice Blue Dragon Fimble”, and “Rainbow Pterosaur Laduga” will appear as boss monsters and stand in front of the player. Collaborate with your friends to defeat powerful bosses and get rare items!

Challenge the reprint challenge dungeon “Awakening Dragon Burst”!
In the dungeon, the awakened and evolved “Steel Flame Dragon Ataxia”, “Ice Blue Dragon Fimble”, and “Rainbow Pterosaur Laduga” will appear on a daily basis. Collaborate with your friends to defeat powerful bosses and get rare items!

■ Holding period

From December 13, 2021 (Monday) 12:00 to December 24, Friday (Friday) 11:59

■ Outline of Challenge Dungeon
・ Only one boss battle (the bosses that appear will change daily)
・ No intrusion during battle
・ You can participate even if you are not a friend after the 4th person (at the time of matching)
・ Consume 1/6 of maximum stamina when challenging a dungeon
・ SP boost cannot be used
-Randomly defeat the boss to get rare items such as materials for awakening evolution and limited orbs.
* The awakening evolution material that can be obtained in this challenge dungeon is the “jewel of the dragon god”.

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“202nd Coliseum Main Battle” now being held!

The “202nd Coliseum Main Battle” is being held, in which players form a team and fight with 5 players vs. 5 players. The Coliseum is a battle in which each person greatly influences the outcome of the team, and you can experience a sense of urgency that is different from a normal dungeon. Let’s challenge a fierce battle for 7 days aiming for a large amount of reward dragon medals!

■ Holding period

December 13th (Monday) -December 19th (Sunday), 2021

■ Coliseum holding time

7:00 to 8:59
12:00 to 13:59
17: 00-18: 59
21: 00-22: 59

◆ About special effects skills

In the Coliseum, “special skill” that exerts a higher effect than usual is set. The “special skill” of this Coliseum is sudden, claw, and paralysis, and the “combination special attack skill” is generalization. You can do a lot of damage by using cards that possess these skills in battle.

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◆ About reward

If you win the battle, you will get a dragon medal as a victory reward. You can win medals according to the number of wins during this Coliseum and the total number of wins so far, and even if you lose, you can get a small amount of medals. You can exchange the acquired dragon medals for luxurious items at the “Dragon Medal Exchange”!

[Example of reward for exchanging dragon medals]

Collect dragon medals and get exclusive cards!

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“Dragon Poker” official website

“Dragon Poker” download page

“Dragon Poker” download page

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