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Elden Ring: Players discovered the panties of Fia, an NPC


Any game released on PC is bound to have its share of mods, hacks, and cheats available soon after launch, and Elden Ring is not an exception. Players have already found ways to edit game files to achieve a variety of goals ranging from fixing the game’s lack of 21:9 (ultrawide) resolution support to making normally unreachable objects appear.

There are the expected cheats like invincibility, unlimited runes, infinite Stability, and unlimited Stamina, but some gamers Elden Ring they’re taking things a step further by hacking armor that you can’t normally get, like Fia’s underwear. Yes, you read correctly, the players of Elden Ring are using mods like cheat engine to add objects like the “Deathbed Smalls” to your inventory. Most of Fia’s outfit can be obtained through normal gameplay, but the equipment that the lower half of her character model has equipped, the “Deathbed Smalls“, it’s just there to give your character model something to wear, not for players to use themselves.

However, this has not stopped the hacker community from Elden Ring, as they have figured out ways to add basically everything in the game to your inventory. Fortunately, Elden Ring uses Easy Anti-Cheat, one of the most popular anti-cheat services out there, so players cannot take these items online without risking a ban. At best, this system prevents players from invading others with overly powerful weapons, unlimited HP, or other tricks. However, in an offline context, these tricks are totally allowed. Easy Anti-Cheat used in games like Fortnite, apex legends, Dead by Daylight and many others, making it a fairly reliable service.

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