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Event “Merry Ch” at “Re: Stage! Prism Step”[Re:]stmas !! -2019- ”will be reprinted

Re: Stage!Prism step Re: Stage!Prism step
Distributor Pony Canyon Delivery date 2021/12/13

Pony Canyon and hotarubi, “Re: Stage! Announcing the holding of a reprint event at “Prism Step”!

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Pony Canyon and hotarubi are the popular thinking-type rhythm action game “Re: Stage! We are pleased to inform you that a reprint event will be held in “Prism Step”. Limited to reprint events with point rewards ☆ 4 “Mii Hasegawa (CV: Yuki Sorami)” and limited ☆ 5 accessories, jewels, etc. It is a very advantageous event, so please join us.

Please look forward to “Re: Stage!”, Which will continue to expand into various fields such as TV anime, stories, music, live games.

■ Reprint event “Merry Ch[Re:]stmas !! -2019- ”limited ☆ 4 character introduction

☆ 4[A Christmas Blessing!!]Mizuha Ichikishima (CV: Masumi Tazawa) * Reprint event limited reward

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A third-year junior high school student who is the director of the Utai Dance Club at Takao School. A daughter of a venerable shrine and an expert in kagura dance. Although he is usually calm, he has a side that he cannot see the bottom even though he is a junior high school student, such as starting idol activities to keep the Utai dance club on the verge of abandonment and having a mysterious network.

☆ 4[A Christmas Blessing!!]Mii Hasegawa (CV: Yuki Sorami) * Reprint event limited reward

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An idol egg during solo activities. He has been haunting various events, and some fans are enthusiastic about his cute appearance and singing voice in the pose that holds down the acupoints. The feature is to add “Mii” to the end of the word.

■ Reprint event “Merry Ch[Re:]stmas !! ”Details

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At the reprint event, in addition to the event-limited ☆ 4 rewards at the time of the event, you can also get limited ☆ 5 accessories and various rewards that have the event effect of the month of the event. Collect “event points” that can be earned by clearing live concerts during the period, and earn luxurious rewards.

Event period: December 13th (Monday) 16:00 to December 19th (Sunday) 23:59
* For other details, please check the notice in the app.

■ 75th Full Combo Challenge-Invisible Diamond-Overview

We will hold the 75th Full Combo Challenge. During the exhibition period, a jewel will be given to all those who have achieved the full combo of the target song and the specified difficulty level.
Complete full combos on all difficulty levels to earn a total of 500 Jewels!

Assignment song: Invisible Diamond
Period: December 13, 2021 (Monday) 16:00 to December 20, 2021 (Monday) 15:59

“Re: Stage! Prism Step” Official Website

“Re: Stage! Prism Step” download page

“Re: Stage! Prism Step” download page

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