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Genshin Impact: They ensure that the Mirror Maiden is not wearing underwear

The Mirror Maiden is an enemy of Inazuma introduced in “Version 2.0” of the video game developed by myHoYo, Genshin Impact. It is described as an enemy who uses a Hydro deception to command a Hydro Mirror in battle, while maintaining an extremely dignified stance, as if worshiping a god. However, an article was shared on a popular Japanese portal pointing out that this female enemy could have an additional curiosity: She is not wearing underwear.

Genshin Impact

«In the open world role-playing video game “Genshin Impact”, there are quite a few enemies with extremely attractive designs, and even some with voices and dialogue that can captivate players the first time they hear them. This is something even more common among the “Fatui Soldiers”, and the “Mirror Maiden” was recently introduced into their ranks. Instead of offering a spectacular voice, the enemy surprises us with a spectacular figure».

«As you scout her area, you might run into a fairly tall female enemy who gives the feeling of being a “big sister.” When you get a little closer, you will be able to feast your eyes on such an appearance. Many first impressions praise the female figure of this enemy. Based on her description, the Mirror Maiden manipulates the Hydro element to fool the player with illusions, but with such a design she likely doesn’t even need that to distract the player. Let’s analyze everything about the character».

Genshin Impact

«Let’s first review her official descriptions, where it is written that she is shown in a dignified and feminine way, without extravagant poses. In fact, she is not only a combatant, but also a servant of one of the seven gods. Thus, his magnificent garb must respond to his status as a servant of the gods, as well as some of his battle lines such as “Your majesty’s power flows through me!”».

«Behind the scenes, she could be tending to the goddess, cleaning, washing, and doing all the other housework. At least that’s the impression it gives. The first time you look at her, you are likely to mistake her beautiful legs for bare skin. Many are incredibly excited when they see your design and believe that only the front is covered, leaving everything else exposed. But soon one of you can realize that your legs are completely covered».

Genshin Impact

«But don’t let that discourage you, because as already explained, the Mirror Maiden is quite tall. She has a “model figure” and her beautiful legs are so slender that even through her pants you can’t help but notice them. But the pants are too tight! They directly convey the line of her beautiful legs! Then I saw the “mysterious indentations” on both sides. The white of his skin, which is definitely not noticeable when looking from the front, is completely visible. It is a rather curious detail, where it only lets you see part of it so that you can imagine the rest. Why the indentation at the top? Is it a side-opening pant structure that is easy to remove? One asks those questions when observing such a scene».

«If I were a treasure thief or a game ranger, I’d settle for stopping here. But I am a traveler in search of the unknown. I addressed the forbidden “beyond the obvious.” The waist is quite low, although it is well hidden by the bottoms. There is also what looks like a harness belt that extends from both sides. In fact, that belt looks quite curious, as if it were tightly attached to your body from above, similar to bondage. By the way, I’ve wondered about the indentation since I noticed it, but there is no “horizontal line marking the underwear” that should be visible through the gap. This means that there is a possibility that the Maiden is not wearing underwear. It’s good that my Hoyo is so aggressive these days».

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