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“LOST ARK”, a roadmap introducing new content after 2022 has been released. A great campaign will start from December 22nd.

Today (December 15, 2021), GameOn has listed information on new content scheduled to be implemented after 2022 as the latest information on the online RPG “LOST ARK”.“Update Roadmap 2022”Was released.

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On the roadmap, the new corps leader Raid“Beer kiss”And a new guardian raid“Kungeranium”Information on many new contents is posted.

Also, from December 22nd, you will get a luxurious reward.“Deluxe Login Grand Festival”And, a notebook PC for gamers etc. will hit“Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Gift Campaign”Will also start. See the release statement below for more details on these.

“LOST ARK” official website
Update Roadmap 2022 Special Page

“LOST ARK” official website

Online RPG dedicated to everyone

Lots of new content after 2022!
“Update Roadmap 2022” released today!
-Introducing some of the events starting next week in advance-

GameOn Co., Ltd.[本社:東京都渋谷区、 代表取締役社長:李 相燁(イ サンヨプ)]Has released an “Update Roadmap” that summarizes future updates as the latest information in “Online RPG dedicated to everyone” “LOST ARK” (hereinafter “Lost Ark”). In addition, we will introduce various events that will be held from next week to the year-end and New Year holidays.

■ “Update Roadmap” is released today!

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In the “Update Roadmap 2022” released today, some of the contents planned to be implemented in the future, including the update contents in the first half of 2022, are released in advance. There are plenty of upcoming content such as the implementation of the new corps leader raid “Beakis”, the new guardian raid “Kungeranium”, the “Expeditionary Corps Territory Pet Ranch”, and the highest difficulty level “Hell” of the corps leader raid. Please take a look.

“Lost Ark” “Update Roadmap 2022”

■ December 22 (Wednesday) Introducing some events after maintenance in advance!
● Deluxe Login Festival

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During the period, we will hold the “Deluxe Login Grand Festival” where you can get a lot of items that are more luxurious than usual. The cute headband “Mokoko Hair Band”, which will be released for the first time this time, and “Vehicles: Unicorn Selection Box”, where you can get fantastic unicorn vehicles, are great events that you can get just by logging in to the game every day.

[Holding period]

After maintenance on Wednesday, December 22, 2021 ~
Until Wednesday, January 19, 2022 before maintenance

● Merry Christmas & Happy New Year gift campaign

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During the period, we will hold a “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Present Campaign” where you can win “gaming notebook PCs” and gift certificates. If you meet simple conditions, you can apply for the lottery every day. In addition, if you apply even once, you will receive a “Battle Item Comprehensive Box” that will be useful for subduing Guardian Raids.

[Holding period]

After maintenance on Wednesday, December 22, 2021 ~
Until Tuesday, January 18, 2022 23:59

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