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Nude mods from the video game the Idolmaster: Starlit Season emerge

Article “Nude mods from the video game the Idolmaster: Starlit Season emerge»Includes NSFW content. Discretion is advised to the reader.

On October 14, the video game was launched The Idolmaster: Starlit Season for console Playstation 4 and PC via Steam. The interesting thing about this release is that it is the first video game of the franchise of The Idolmaster which can be modified by the fan community (since it was released on PC), and as you might expect, some are already working on mods to strip all the idols.

A team of fans from China has already published the first versions of its modification to the video game, although the users who have tried it is that “it’s too early“, Referring to the fact that it has quite a few errors as it is only in its early stages.

Another fan of the franchise also shared a screenshot of the modifications it is making, and hopes to release it soon on download platforms.

It is worth noting that The Idolmaster: Starlit Season It is only available for Japan, even if the title appears in English in Google searches. In addition to other modifications to strip the girls, other fans are focusing on translating the video game into English, tired of Japanese companies not taking an interest in the market outside of Japan. A comment on this project wrote: «Right now, I’m going through machine translations via Google Translate and DeepL, while pulling out a Japanese> English thesaurus / dictionary to see the things I’m stumped on, and taking some slight creative liberties to make the translated stuff. understand each other better. I don’t consider myself a translator far from it».

The Idolmaster Starlit Season Synopsis

In the game’s story, the idols from all four games will combine to form “Project Luminous.” The idols compete at the big Starlit Season festival to determine the idol unit that will perform at the opening of the new Starlit Dome. The player is a 765 Production producer returning to Japan after completing training abroad. After returning to the entertainment agency office, the company president Junjirou Takagi informs the player that other companies are assembling special idol units to participate in the Starlit Season. As Takagi explains that many agencies are already preparing, he puts the player in charge of creating a new unit for 765 Production to participate in the festivities. With several idols and their producer, Project Luminous begins.

Source: Sankaku Complex

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