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“Queen’s Blade Limit Break”, upcoming event update information released

Queen’s Blade Limit Break
Distributor CTW Delivery date 2022/02/14

G123 “Queen’s Blade Limit Break” Future event update information released at once!
The glamorous “service shots” of the beautiful fighters will be implemented soon!

CTW Co., Ltd. will inform you about future event and update information about the HTML5 game “Queen’s Blade Limit Break” (hereinafter referred to as “Quillimi”) being distributed on the game service “G123”.

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■ “Glossy appearance collection” to get service shots of beautiful fighters will be implemented soon!

・ Let’s lift the ban on service shots!
“Glossy figure collection” will be implemented soon, which will allow you to acquire “service shots” that will make the beautiful fighters look like they aren’t hurt. If you get a service shot, you can further strengthen the beauty fighter.

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・ Special service shots that evolve through training …?
In addition, the service shots of some beauty fighters will change to a more intense appearance by strengthening them. Please enjoy the various poses and costumes of the beautiful fighters to your heart’s content.

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■ White Day event will be held!

・ From “Queen’s Blade Grimoire”, “Snow White” will participate!

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・ New beauty fighters are appearing one after another!

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■ Introduction of beautiful fighters scheduled to appear this spring!

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* Information as of February 14, 2022.
* Event details are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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