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Video game Kansen X Shoujo goes viral after adding a girl with four breasts



The role-playing video game for smartphones Kansen X Shoujo went viral after announcing a new character, designed by the freelance illustrator Ithacus: Yukiko Senzaki (仙 崎 雪 蚕). Your description writes: «She is the leader of Luna Operación, a team that is in charge of brainstorming. A viral mutation has caused her breasts to proliferate, and she has few clothes to wear. The most feared enemy of the General Staff is the commander who makes the wildest decisions». Although its description already explains it, it is quicker to see the illustration and notice why it went viral: It turns out she has four breasts!

The post did not go unnoticed and has already racked up over 5,500 retweets, with some of the most popular views writing: «Anime was a mistake…»,«Double boobs, double power!»,«Ray! I think I have developed a new fetish»,«When you thought that one pair of boobs didn’t move crowds, how about two pairs then?»,«I don’t want to imagine her back pain“, Y “If you are like this, please send me a direct message».

It is worth mentioning that this video game is available in the catalog of QooApp with the title “Infection X Girl” in this link.

Kansen X Shoujo Synopsis

In the year 21XX, a highly contagious and virulent virus suddenly spreads in Naginawa New Town, a populated island in Tokyo Bay. The infected inhabitants mutate into “zombies” and turn against the remaining humans. Fortunately or unfortunately. Fortunately, only one girl of a certain age survives the infection. “At first we were just running for our lives, right?”, “Running for our lives? We have fought so much that we are still alive, right? The girls spend their days fighting zombies on an island that has become a lawless zone. One day, an “impossible person” appears. He is the first “man” to appear since the large-scale infection.

“When I woke up, I was lying in ‘this place’ and I had no memory of anything in particular.” The man had lost all his memories. The last man in the world survives the apocalypse with a group of girls. After overcoming the harsh reality, what is the shocking truth that awaits you?

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